Everything can be arranged in one visit. One or two working days will be enough, provided that all the necessary documents are prepared in advance and all details are agreed.

You can, if the activities of your company will not physically occur in Spain.

A company administrator can be a person who does not have a Spanish residence permit, provided that there will be no need for hiring staff to conduct the company and the company will be subcontracted, through partners or employee / s – freelancer.

  1. You must request a company name from Reestr mercantil. Usually they ask for 5 names, in case someone turns out to be busy.
  2. Open a bank account in the name of a company with a registered capital of at least 3.000 euros (law)
  3. Notary. Draw up and sign the charter of the enterprise, its type of activity, legal and actual address, name of the owner (founder), if there are two or more distribution of shares. If you do not have a residence permit in Spain, you need an “Administrador” manager, in other words, an executive director, since you do not have permission to work in Spain. You need to have a confidential person, a person who, under your strict guidance, will conduct business in your absence.
  4. Registration of the charter in the Register.
  5. Notification by the tax authority of the commencement of the activities of Model 036.
  6. Obtaining a registration number in the social insurance system.
  7. Sign a service contract with the Gestoria / Bureau de servicios service bureau, which will deal with bookkeeping, personnel services and file taxes.
Estimated cost of Gestora services:
  • staffing up to 2 statements 100 euros / month, subsequent employees 25 euros per contract and 10 euros for each salary sheet
  • taxation of 150 euros per quarter
  • accounting 150 euros per quarter, with a volume of up to 100 documents
  • income statement 100 euros per year